News in 2023

Feb 2024 - Event

Next meeting of the Berlin Choice Colloquium

The Berlin Choice Colloquium is a regular get-together of researchers interested in any topics related to choice modelling. It is run jointly by SurveyEngine and teh BCEE. The next session will take place on 14 March 2024 at 4pm at HWR Berlin (Badensche Str. 50, Haus B, Room 5.44).

Dec 2023 - New research grant

BCEE researchers receive major grant from DFG

Members of the BCEE are part of a successful research proposal to receive funding in the German Research Foundation’s (DFG) new Research Impulses scheme. The consortium at the Berlin School of Economics and Law is among ten universities of applied sciences in Germany to receive funding within this new funding scheme. Over a 5-year period, the group of researchers will be examining challenges and resilience of global supply and value chains. BCEE members Tobias Börger and Jürgen Meyerhoff will join this research initiative and be looking specifically at substitution decisions of companies within intertwined supply chain networks as well as consumer preferences for increased supply chain resilience.

Dec 2023 - New publication

Who cares when value (mis)reporting may be found out?

This study in the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics investigates theoretically and experimentally how information leaks affect lying and market outcomes in an ultimatum bargaining setting with asymmetric information. A higher leak probability does not reduce the frequency of misreporting, but it weakens overreporting and strengthens underreporting. Even if ethical concerns do not seem to matter much, probabilistic leaks are welfare enhancing.

Oct 2023 - New publication

Wine makers’ preferences for climate change adaptation

This study in the Journal of Choice Modelling assesses the preferences of wine makers in the Spanish Rioja region for different climate change adaptation measures. The results show that the most widely accepted strategy is the installation of irrigation and shading structures. The study also quantifies the amount of financial assistance wine makers would need to adapt production to changing climatic conditions.

Aug 2023 - New publication

Shark nets in coastal waters keep bathers and beach users safe

Shark nets in coastal waters protect tourists and beach users in Durban, South Africa. Removing such nets would lead to a 20 percent decline in visits to beaches. This study in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics presents an extension of a count model of beach visits to account for individual differences in the reduction of beach visits following a hypothetical removal of protective shark nets.

July 2023 - New publication

Equity preferences matter for international agreements on marine plastic pollution

How costs to reduce marine neplastic pollution are shared between countries is an important aspect of international negotiations for a global marine plastic treaty. This study in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics shows that citizens generally prefer an equal sharing of the costs, even though this may mean higher reduction costs for their own country.