BCEE at a glance

The Berlin Centre for Empirical Economics (BCEE) is a research institute at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. The focus of BCEE is on the application and further development of quantitative economic methods to answer social, economic and political questions. The empirical work in these fields is characterised by a common scientific approach: primary data are collected or secondary data are compiled which are analysed using econometric methods to test theory-based hypotheses and derive policy recommendations.This includes various subfields of economics, such as applied microeconomics, finance, health and labour economics, environmental and resource economics and behavioural economics.

The BCEE’s goals are to

  • facilitate cooperation in relation to, research approaches, methodological questions, publications, editorial activities;
  • deepen interdisciplinary cooperation, between subfields of economics and outside the discipline;
  • integrate research results and methodology into teach at the HWR Berlin
  • increase cooperation with thematically relevant research institutes in Berlin, Germany and internationally;
  • support and promote young researchers on a level that meets international standards.


BCEE members do research in a number of third-party funded and unfunded research projects. Results are published in leading peer-reviewed journals in economics and its subfields. For an overview of the institutes scientific outputs see the list of publications.